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Habil  Hamidov

Doctor of philosophy. Leading scientific officer of the Institute of Philosphy, Sociology and Law National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan


Elkhan Suleymanov,

Presiden ACSDA ,

MP from Shamakhy

Zahid  Oruj

A  member  of  the  parliament 


The Azerbaijan genocidePresident of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev announced on 26 March 1998 that every year on 31 March Azerbaijan remember the Day of Genocide of Azerbaijanis by stated \"Taking advantage of the situation following the end of the First World War and the February and October 1917 revolutions in Russia, the Armenians began to pursue the implementation of their plans under the banner of Bolshevism

Through the eyes of witnesses

We  have  always  stabled  heavily  against  the  enemies  in  Shelly  post. Abilov  Shamil  Mammad  oglu  was  born  in  Seyidli  village  of  Agdam  in  1969. He  served  in  the  Soviet  army  for  many  years. In  1990  he  started  military  service  in  our  country. He  was  born  one  of  the  first  soldiers  of  our  national  army  since  it  was  created. He  has  performed  some  positions  as  Regiment  commander, Tabor  commander  an  so on


In  summer  session  of  PAEC  the  conclusion  layout  connected  with  Serseng  water  cellar  will  be  discussed.  In  summer  session  of  the  Parliament  Assembly  of the  European  Council  the  problem  connected  with  troubles  caused  by  Serseng  water  cellar, which  is  under  Armenian  observation  is  going  to  be  discussed. The  conclusion  layout  presented  by  Elkhan  Suleymanov - the  president  of  the  Aid  Association  to  the  Development  of  Civil  Society  member  of  Shamakhi  and  signed  by  the  deputes  representing  14 European  countries  will  be  observed  on  April 6  in  the  Presidents'  Commission  of  the  European  Council


The  coins  of  Karabakh Karabakh  coins  occupy  a special  place  in  numizmatica  of  Azerbaijan. Actually  in  the  Khanate  in  honor  of  Panahali  khan  silver  coin  called  panahaliabadi  was  made  and  used. From  this  point  it  was  the  first  event  in  the  Azerbaijan  history  that  the  coin  had  the  same  name  with  the  city  it  was  made  in 


Kengerlis  in  the  formation  of  the  Azerbaijan  people At  present  famous  Kengerli  tribes  of  Nakhchivan  region  are  considered  as  one  of  the  most  ancient  tribes  of  the  whole  history  according  to  the  historical  sources. The  history  of  Kengerli  generation  dates  back  6000 years  ago, the  age  when  the  first  culture-Shumers  began


Could 20 January tragedy have been avoided? "Soviet army implemented a bloody terrorist against the people of Azerbaijan, who rose for the sake of liberty"


Gulamail Murad


Dedicated to the National hero, border-guard chief lieutenant Mammadov Eldar Harun oghlu’s memory


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